FlashBack Rewind Features

For a tool that is so simple to use, FlashBack Rewind has a rich set of features to streamline your reporting process.

Simple Click to Report

Select ‘Send Report’ and a report containing a recording of the last few minutes, with your issue description, can be uploaded or shared online as part of an error report.

Where to Save

Flashback Rewind allows you to choose what you want to save, where you want to save it and where you want to send the video to.

Powerful API

You can also integrate FlashBack Rewind with your own products and systems to automate sending error reports. The API allows reports to be easily triggered from within the application either by a web request or via the command line.

Flashback Connect

FlashBack Rewind also allows you to easily share videos and screenshots online at FlashBack Connect. This will upload your video or screenshot to your FlashBack Connect account.


Crop Recording

Allows you to crop and change the dimensions of your recording.

Video Trimming

Trim the start and end of a recording, saving only the relevant section of the entire recording.

Blur Content

Blur out personal data to remove sensitive details from a video before sending or sharing it.

Variety of Formats

You can save your recording as a video, or a screenshot as an image file, in formats that include MP4, WMV, JPG and PNG.


Add textboxes, highlights and arrows to a video, to bring attention to details and describe them.

Control how rewind records

Control Performance

Tailor the recording settings of Flashback Rewind to optimise your video to the performance you require.

Manage Sound

You’re not restricted to video content, choose your sound source to also record audio.

Selective Recording

If you are using multiple monitors, you can select the desktop area to be recorded and limit what you record to specific Applications: select an application for recording by entering part of the exe file name or part of the title bar text.

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